Vineet Kamat

Construction Robots that Make Decisions

Kurt Lundeen

What if robot assistants could do some of the difficult or dangerous jobs on a construction site; and could think for themselves to get the work done better?

Vineet Kamat

Interactive Visualization in Engineering

Professor Vineet Kamat sees Civil Engineering as the field that defines a society's quality of life, and that’s exactly why he enjoys it.

"Open the tap," he says, "and there should be water. The bridges should function; the dams should function. All these things are expected and taken for granted and define the quality of life that we as a society enjoy. And I think that fundamental idea is quite satisfying as a civil engineer."

MMI NSF-Grantees Conference

UM-CEE faculty and students attended the 2009 CMMI NSF-Grantees Conference in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii, organized by the US National Science Foundation (NSF). In addition to attending conference sessions and activities, some of them also found time to get together and hike up Diamond Head. According to locals, early seafaring visitors saw the hill glinting in the sun, as if studded with numerous diamonds. Eager explorers were disappointed to find that the scintillations were caused by reflections off a worthless mineral, nevertheless the name stuck.

Vineet Kamat

3D Visualization of Simulated Construction Operations in Outdoor Augmented Reality

Prof. Kamat and his group use georeferencing techniques to animate simulated construction processes in real-time

Visualizing planned construction operations in an immersive interactive world improves coordination, safety, and communication during construction.

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