TCMP Students Visit Greenfield Village

Civil and engineering graduate students from the Tishman Construction Management Program (TCMP) took a trip to Greenfield Village in September.

Professor Vineet Kamat and Associate Professors, Carol Menassa & SangHyun Lee, all attended the trip along with 37 graduate students from the TCMP graduate program.

TCMP is housed within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Michigan, and offers an education and research program in construction.

What to do if you get hurt

To yourself:

  • Remain calm
  • Seek help from someone nearby or call 9-1-1

To someone else:

List of Laboratory Supervisors

GGB Laboratories

  • For general questions about the GGB Laboratories contact Jan Pantolin []
  • For a list of individual laboratories and their supervisors, see GGB Lab Supervisors attachment below.

EWRE Laboratories

  • For general questions about the EWRE Laboratories contact Tom Yavarski []

What are the minimum requirements and where to get trained?

If you are unsure of your safety training needs, you can complete the “What Training Do I Need?” ( assessment provided by the University of Michigan Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) office and then contact the supervisor of the laboratory to ensure that this is adequate.  Most laboratories will also require lab specific safety training on equipment and processes specific to th

Before Working in a Laboratory

Working in the laboratory without proper training is a serious violation of our department’s safety procedures. No work can be conducted until proof is supplied to the supervisor of the laboratory that the requisite safety training has been completed.

Before working in a laboratory you need to:

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