Microbiology and Environmental Biotechnology

Urine as fertilizer

Assistant Professor Krista Wigginton’s research on urine recycling is the topic of a new video from Michigan Engineering.

Drugs in the Water

Professor Nancy Love is featured in a new video from MConneX titled, “Bad Medicine? Drugs in the water.”

Love explains in the video that our bodies don't absorb all the pharmaceutical drugs we take. Much of them pass through our systems into urine and end up in wastewater treatment plants.

Researchers are working to detect those pharmaceuticals and test approaches to remove them. Love discusses what we know and what we don't know about this issue and gives advice on how consumers can best filter pharmaceuticals out at the tap.

Drew Gronewold

Forecasting for the Great Lakes

Great Lakes vacationers who are curious about how and why water levels have changed over the years can take a look at the online Great Lakes Hydro-Climate Dashboard, developed by NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory scientists, including Adjunct Professor Drew Gronewold.

Lutgarde Raskin

Environmental Biotechnology and Global Water Sustainability

Professor Lutgarde Raskin works on a variety of biological water and wastewater treatment processes. One of her most well-known studies found that most of the bacteria that remain in drinking water from the tap can be traced to filters used in the water treatment process, rather than to the aquifers or rivers where it originated.

Krista Wigginton

Detecting and Treating Drinking Water Contaminants

Lutgarde Raskin & Nancy Love

'Environmental Biotechnology Applied to Water and Wastewater Treatment: Protecting Public Health and the Environment'

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