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Academic Chairs

Lutgarde​Lutgarde Raskin, Graduate Chair

Room 107 EWRE​

Professor Lutgarde Raskin oversees all graduate programs (PhD, MSE, and MEng) in CEE. She is available to meet to discuss many topics related to current student issues. Please email her at to request an appointment.

Adda Athanasopoulos-ZekkosAdda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos, Master’s Program Chair

Room 2024 GGB

Professor Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos works with the Graduate Chair to oversee all master’s programs in CEE. She works to improve the master’s student experience in our department and also coordinates with each faculty group/focus area to come up with advising plans for their master’s students. She is available at for general advising questions.


Student Services

JessicaJessica Randolph, Graduate Coordinator

Room 2166 GGB

Jessica coordinates all aspects of students’ graduate programs in CEE. This includes coordinating admissions and recruiting, scheduling qualifying and preliminary examinations, processing GSI and GSRA appointments, Master’s student degree audits, and coordinating the annual PhD evaluation process. Jessica also coordinates various grad student recruiting and informational events.

Matt​Matt Blank, Undergraduate Coordinator

Room 2166 GGB

Matt is responsible for all undergraduate student services including coordinating the department schedule of classes. He assists the Undergraduate Program Advisor. Matt can also help you with a class permission (override) and with reserving classrooms.

Angela​Ariane Smith, Student Services Assistant

Room 2166 GGB

Ariane assists with administrative tasks associated with both undergraduate and graduate student services. This includes issuing room & building keys, troubleshooting registration issues, grad student photo boards, defense scheduling, and assisting student groups. Please see Angela for student desk keys. Grad students should also see Angela if they need a standard letter from the department for any variety of reasons.


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Pat​Pat Brainard, Department Manager

Room 2105B GGB

Pat assists the chair in planning and managing the department’s administrative operations and financial planning, supervises the departmental staff and coordinates efforts to streamline administrative processes.  She assists student groups with funding requests.  She can assist grad students with escalating issues not able to be resolved through normal channels. 

Sherry​Sherry Brueger, Faculty Support Coordinator

Room 2105A GGB

Sherry provides administrative support to all faculty and assists with department activities. She manages the faculty search process, and processes all visiting scholar and visiting research student visas, and assists with HR documentation. She also processes Pcard reports and reimbursements for faculty and students.

BrustmanBob Brustman, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Room 2105E GGB

Bob adds news and events to the website and creates content for the CEE Facebook and Twitter. He is also involved with planning, promoting, and photographing events.

Rebi​Rebi Varghese, Desktop Support Specialist

Room 215 EWRE

Rebi is the main computer support for the department. He provides support to the faculty, staff and students and is the central point of contact with CAEN for CEE. He deals with hardware and software questions and is also in charge of the network for the department. Rebi is the main administrator of the CEE website and the main point of contact for A/V equipment questions, and most other computer-related technical questions within the department.


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The finance team takes care of general financial reporting and grant/proposal budgeting, including Rackham travel grants, Dow funding and external fellowship balances. They monitor and track financial and budgeting activities for HR-related events. Each month they provide e-reconciliation for Statement of Activity (SOA). They streamline financial processes and develop resource materials. They also create and monitor POs with procurement to facilitate prompt payment to vendors. In addition, they process M-marketsite carts and answer questions and provide resources regarding account balances, HR issues, purchasing or sole source justifications (when needing to use a specific vendor for a large purchase).

Steph​Stephanie Ford, Research Administrator

Room 2160 GGB

Stephanie is primarily responsible for research accounting for the faculty.

JacobsJocelyn Jacobs, Contracts and Grants Specialist

Room 2156 GGB

Jocelyn is primarily responsible for research accounting for the faculty.

RohnTabitha Rohn, Financial Specialist

Room 2152 GGB

Tabby works as part of both the Financial & Student Services Teams. She assists the Financial Team with grants and contracts and general accounting management. Tabby also assists the Student Services Team with financial support of fellowships and GSI and GSRA appointments.


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Jan​Jan Pantolin, Technical Services Supervisor

Room 1171A GGB

Jan supervises the teaching and research laboratories in Geotechnical, Hydraulic, Materials and Structural Engineering. Jan is a primary contact for safety as well as a facilities representative for the G.G. Brown building.

Spence​Bob Spence, Lab Technician

Room 1171A GGB

Bob performs complex laboratory assignments and selects materials, methods & equipment for use in research projects. He also provides functional lab supervision to students and manages safety issues and training. 

Tom​Tom Yavaraski, Laboratory Services Supervisor

Room 209 EWRE

Tom coordinates the operations of analytical facilities and equipment for the department.  He is the first contact for safety issues when working in the laboratory and/or working with hazardous compounds.  He also coordinates the training, operation and repair of the analytical equipment in the environmental laboratories.  Tom is the facility representative for EWRE and an emergency response floor marshal.

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