Peter Adriaens


Office:  1351 Beal Ave, 175 EWRE
Phone:  (734) 763-8032
Fax:  (734) 763-2275

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
1351 Beal Ave, 175 EWRE
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2125

  • Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, CA, 1989
  • M.S., Ghent University, Belgium, 1986
  • B.Sc.(Eng.), Ghent University, Belgium, 1984

Prof. Adriaens is past-President of the Association of Environmental Science and Engineering Professors (AEESP), a member-by-eminence of the American Academy of Environmental Engineering (AAEE), and Member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Applied Sciences, where he was recognized for bridging engineering and entrepreneurship in academia and practice. He is appointed as a Finnish Distinguished Professor, focused on the design of Multi-Asset Investment Funds for Industrial Renewal, in collaboration with the Research Institute for the Finnish Economy, institutional investors and policymakers. This recognition was the result of his contributions as a top-5% global cleantech expert.

He is co-founder and CEO of Equarius Risk Analytics LLC (, a financial technology firm addressing equity and portfolio risk and performance issues related to ESG investments. As CEO at The KeyStone Compact Group (, a global business analytics and asset advisory company, he leads a team focused on proprietary analytical tools for economic developers, business incubators, and long-term investors. As co-Founder of the Global CleanTech Cluster Association (GCCA;, a Swiss-based foundation serving 56 economic development clusters in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, representing 10,000 companies and $3.5 bn. under management, he focuses on catalyzing global value system development and investment.

Following a 20-year career in environmental technology development and validation, his current work focuses on financial innovation and risk analytics for industrial renewal and green growth. Specific interests include:

  • Financial network theory and modeling to uncover structures in emerging industries (e.g. smart grid, smart mobility, green chemistry).
  • Capital markets signaling algorithms (Value-at-Risk models) for water quantity and quality impacts on stock and portfolio risk pricing (e.g. energy, food & beverage, mining companies)
  • Design and prototying of liquid alternative (liquid alts) investment strategies to grow green economies.
  • Impacts of regional economic agglomeration theory for industrial CleanTech clusters

Our partners are economic development organizations in the US, Europe and Asia, investors, and industry groups.

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