Geotechnical Seminar

Start Date: 
Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

2355 GGBL

Donald H. Gray

A lecture by Dr. Donald H. Gray, Emeritus Professor, University of Michigan, on “The Oso Landslide”, the deadliest landslide in US history. See below for a summary of the talk and more information in the attachment.

Summary of the talk:

The Oso Landslide struck the community of Oso, Snohomish County, Washington In March 2014. The Oso Landslide claimed the lives of 43 people, making it the deadliest landslide event in United States history. The landslide additionally caused significant economic losses.

The landslide completely destroyed the Steelhead Haven residential neighborhood, as well as several homes near State Highway 530. Approximately 2,000 ft of the highway was buried under large amounts of debris, which closed this major east-west transportation route for over 2 months.

Professor Gray was asked by the AG’s office for State of Washington, Dept. of Natl. Resources, to join a team of experts charged with investigating the Oso Landslide.  He will describe his observations during a recent field inspection.

As always, the geotechnical group wishes to thank Tetratech , Mersino Dewatering Company and Spartan Specialties for funding the geotechnical seminar series.

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