Resilient Interdependent Systems Engineering

Strategic Direction 1Strategic DirectionRecent natural hazards have revealed that the traditional component-by-component design approach has left society’s infrastructure systems vulnerable at their points of interconnection. We believe that resilient interdependent systems engineering is a necessary and strategic direction for research and educational activities within the Department. We will build on our historical leadership position in the design of individual infrastructure components to advance the field's understanding of the interaction between components that comprise infrastructure systems. As part of this strategic direction, we will consider the intrinsic relationship between infrastructure systems and the natural environment to ensure the principles of sustainable design can be successfully implemented. Finally, we seek to incorporate systems-level perspectives throughout our curriculum so that graduates are well equipped to be leaders in the design and analysis of infrastructure and natural systems.

Resilient Interdependent Systems EngineeringResilient Interdependent Systems EngineeringClick here for more information from CEE's "Building on our Legacy: Strategic Directions for the Future"


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