CEE offered two workshops for Xplore Camp

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Xplore Engineering Camp, held from June 26-27, offered two workshops from CEE for alumni and their children or grandchildren to get hands-on experience in the field of engineering.

One workshop, titled “How Much will Your Bridge Hold?” asked participants to design their own bridges using nuts, bolts, rubber bands, tape and tongue depressors. Then the students tested its load capacity and quality of construction. Students learned the principles used to design bridges.

Another workshop, titled “Bacteria Runs the World,” conducted experiments for students to experience how microbiologists and environmental engineers use bacteria to make the world a healthier place. They learned that bacteria are helpful in a variety of ways: from helping us to digest our food to protecting plants from drought.

In addition to the workshops, there were also tours of the Big House and Crisler Arena, as well as a meeting with student teams such as the seven-time national champion U-M Solar Car Team.

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To learn more about Xplore Engineering Camp, please visit MConneX.



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