Academic Objectives

The Department offers two undergraduate degrees.  Both the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in Civil Engineering and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in Environmental Engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET ( The following set of objectives is consistent with ABET accreditation criteria and describes what our graduates are expected to achieve within several years of graduation:

BSE in Civil Engineering:

  • The graduates of the Civil Engineering program at the University of Michigan will have the necessary intellectual tools and technical skills to pursue careers of leadership in the development of new technologies with civil and environmental applications, the design of sustainable, innovative infrastructure and the analysis of engineered systems at the intersection of natural and built environments. Our graduates will have a solid foundation in civil or environmental engineering and will achieve success in graduate education and a broad range of career opportunities.
  • Our graduates will become team leaders, and will successfully address open-ended problems applying critical thinking.
  • Our graduates will become effective communicators of technical and professional information in written, oral, visual and graphical form.
  • The professional careers of our graduates will be distinguished with a high degree of awareness of moral, ethical, legal and professional obligations to protect human health, human welfare, and the environment.

BSE in Environmental Engineering:

The graduates of the Environmental Engineering program at the University of Michigan will:

  • Demonstrate the critical thinking, technical and communication skills that will allow their advancement into leadership positions in engineering practice or other professional careers that involve the application of analytic engineering thinking;
  • Pursue lifelong learning through continued education including engineering graduate study, or other professional education;
  • Exhibit a high degree of awareness of ethical and professional obligations through involvement in professional societies, community activities or educational outreach.

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