TCMP John L. Tishman Distinguished Lecture

Start Date: 
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

2355 GG Brown

Dr. Simaan AbouRizk

Dr. Simaan AbouRizk of the University of Alberta will present a TCMP Distinguished Lecture.


This presentation will cover the evolution of simulation methods and tool developments within Dr. AbouRizk’s research group at the University of Alberta, over the past 20 years. Most of those developments have been supported by two in-house developed environments: Simphony and COSYE.

Simphony is as integrated simulation environment developed for the purpose of experimenting with general purpose simulation models of construction operations, and for efficiently deploying Special Purpose Simulation (SPS) tools to model construction systems in a consistent, standard and user-friendly manner. It supports discrete event, continuous simulation and combined modeling paradigms.

COSYE (COnstruction SYnthetic Environment) was developed to enable integrated, large-scale models where collaborative development and/or parallel simulation are required. It supports multi-world views of simulation algorithms and paradigms. COSYE is based on the High Level Architecture and is compliant.

The presentation will briefly overview the two simulation environments while demonstrating applications using CYCLONE, General Purpose Process Interaction Modeling (GPPIM), Combined Modeling, Special Purpose modeling, and large-scale integrated systems. Applications from recently implemented solutions will be presented including tunneling the North LRT (CYCLONE and GPPIM), deriving the reliability of screening system (combined) at a waste water treatment plant, analysis of yard layout for a steel fabricator (combined), estimating and planning a utility tunnel (SPS), and understanding competition in the construction industry (HLA).

The presentation will conclude with lessons learned and factors that contribute to implementation of research in the construction industry.


Dr. Simaan AbouRizk currently holds the positions of “Canada Research Chair in Operation Simulation” and “Industrial Research Chair in Construction Engineering and Management” in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta.

Dr. AbouRizk has significantly advanced the field of construction engineering, particularly construction simulation modeling and analysis. He is internationally acknowledged as a leader in project planning, risk analysis and uncertainty modeling. His provides many contributions in the discipline, and he is a leader in his ability to transfer research and development into construction practice.

AbouRizk’s research accomplishments have been recognized through numerous awards for the quality of his research in the field of construction engineering and management, including the Peurifoy Construction Research Award, the Steacie Fellowship, the Killam Professorship, the Walter Shanly Award, the E. Whitman Wright Award, and the Thomas Fitch Rowland Prize. Dr. AbouRizk was elected as a Fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, the National Academy of Construction, and the Royal Society of Canada.

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