High school students learn about CEE

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Technical Team wins Safety First Recognition Award

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CII Distinguished Professors

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The Legacy of Dr. Henry Earle Riggs

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Professor Spence earns Croes Medal

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Research Highlights

Pile Driver Sensors

When piles are driven into soil to provide foundational support for structures, vibrations are caused that can create cracks in deep foundations for nearby structures, like bridges.


Mercury in the Air

Many people have heard about the dangers of eating fish contaminated with mercury, but not everyone realizes that one of the ways mercury gets in the atmosphere is through coal-fired power plants...

Urine as fertilizer

Assistant Professor Krista Wigginton’s research on urine recycling is the topic of a new video from Michigan Engineering.

The "flush and forget" toilet system, which has...

Make It Earthquake-Proof

Associate Professor Jason McCormick is in a new MConnex video about earthquake engineering.

The video explains that modern structures are designed to absorb damages without collapsing, but...



College is an eye-opening experience for students because they get the chance to explore a subject that they are interested in and understand how...


Advancements in science and technology (S&T) are heightening aspirations of societies throughout the world at an unprecedented pace while...


CH2M recently earned the Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA) for their transformation of the practice and perception of wastewater.



Assistant Professor Carol Menassa won the 2015 Best Peer Reviewed Paper Award from the ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering.


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July 14, 2015

The courtyard outside the Blue Lounge.

(Rain Location: 2355 GGB)

August 11, 2015

The courtyard outside the Blue Lounge.

(Rain Location: 2355 GGB)

September 4, 2015

East Room of Pierpont Commons

November 13, 2015

Duderstadt Center and Duderstadt Center Connector, North CampusĀ 

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