Sherif El-Tawil Awarded Antoine Naaman Collegiate Professorship

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CEE Alumna is Making a Global Impact on Climate Change

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Improving Transit & Employment Accessibility in Benton Harbor

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Research Highlights

Non-Proprietary Formula for Ultra High Performance Concrete

Passing beneath a crumbling overpass or rumbling over a pothole-riddled street in almost any U.S. city, it’s hard not to wonder: why don’t they make these things out of...

The Internet of Water: $1.8M for Smart Stormwater Project

Autonomous "smart" technologies for aging stormwater systems are being developed at the University of Michigan to lessen the impacts of flooding—potentially saving lives and...

Kurt Lundeen
Construction Robots that Make Decisions
What if robot assistants could do some of the difficult or dangerous jobs on a construction site; and could think for themselves to get the work done better?

As shown in this video, which is...

Carol Menassa
Comfort Driven Data

Carol Menassa is bringing new ways to keep people comfortable while making buildings more sustainable. Her lab concentrates on building wandering robotic sensors called “turtle-bots”,...



The National Science Foundation (NSF) has selected two CEE doctoral students to receive 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)...

Concrete Canoe Team
The University of Michigan participated in the ASCE sponsored 2018 North Central Student Conference at Western Michigan University last weekend,...

Deb A. Niemeier presented the annual Frank E. Richart Jr. Distinguished Lecture on Monday, April 2 in the Iacocca Auditorium in the GG Brown...


‚ÄčA new research project, led by U-M Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Professor, Sherif El-Tawil, is using technology to solve some of the...

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